Come Visit Tucson!!

We came across this article today and thought it was a little ironic that we would be reading this great article about Tucson on a very cold, rainy, and even a little snow day!  We have had some pretty bipolar weather lately, a high of 80 degrees Saturday and today 55 degrees??

Even with these bouts of abnormal weather Tucson still topped a list of the 10 happiest winter travel destinations in the U.S.    This study was conducted by the Hilton HHonors and the study states that “being outdoors helps people be happier!”

We, at the Tucson Food Tours feel very lucky to live in a city where we have absolutely great weather 8 months out of the year!  So when we are all melting mid-July and trying to keep cool by the pool lets not forget about the other 275 days of the year that makes Tucson a great place to visit!!

Don’t worry, be happy…in Tucson!!



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