The Centurions Party!!

The Centurions will be hosting their annual charity event/party (heavy emphasis on the party) downtown on 5th and Congress tomorrow night.  Every year they have a different theme.  The theme of this year’s party is “Masquerade Escapade”.There will be a carnivale parade, a moulin rouge lounge, live music by the band “The Trip”, raffle prizes, tarot card readings, and tattoos.

Tickets are $85, $50 of which is tax deductible.  You can buy tickets at the door.  The ticket fee might seem a little steep, but it includes dining, dancing, drinks and entertainment.  Usually they give out around six drink tickets per person, but by the way these bartenders pour, you should only need three to be feeling really good.  Which reminds me, they will have plenty of cabs on standby, and have a program to get you back to your car for free the next day!  The Centurions use the money raised from this event to help fund selected programs at St. Mary’s Hospital.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Centurion Party event. Plan to come join the fun and help raise money for a great cause!

The Centurions web address is

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